The Buyer's Eye:

(within 30 miles)


Sellers will get a detailed perspective for the exterior and interior of their home from a buyer’s point of view.  A clear, concise report will be included with suggestions for items that should be enhanced, freshened up, removed, cleaned and repaired. This will maximize a seller’s return and help the home sell quickly. Payment is due at the time of the walk through (we accept all major credit cards). The report will be delivered within 1 week of the walk through.

Single Room Design:



An economical choice to give a room some love! This option Includes a 1 hour in person consultation (where we finalize details like budget and style), finalized paint color, and a complete furniture design plan. A detailed shopping list from vendors within budget will be provided so that clients can purchase at their own pace on their own time (we can work on up to 3 revisions). The shopping, re-upholstery and installation is completely in your hands. Payment is due at the time of the consultation (we accept all major credit cards). Single room designs will be delivered within 2 weeks of the consultation.



$175 (excludes kitchens and baths)

Design delivered to your inbox. This is a great option for clients that don't live nearby or who want design services on a budget.  It's perfect for the client who is proactive and good at decision-making but just needs a little help putting a plan together.  With this option, clients can execute the plan at their own pace.  Once payment is received (we accept all major credit cards), we will have a 1 hour phone consultation to figure out the scope of your space and get the necessary information from you. You provide room dimensions and photos and I provide a design plan within your budget and shopping list within 2 weeks!

Flexible/Full Service Design:


$100 consultation fee; $50/hour

Initial 1 hour consultation will lead to a custom design plan that will be tailored to your needs, style and budget. Great projects for this option would be kitchen and bath remodels, new construction and larger remodels, as well as complete décor overhauls. Due to an hourly rate, you are free to decide how little or how much you want me to be involved. From simple suggestions to full room completion! In addition to the design plan, this service may include:

  • Product selection and purchasing

  • Paint selection and completion (if desired)

  • Additional meetings/consults with architects, carpenters, and tradespeople

  • List of resources for tradespeople

  • Installation – including furniture redesign and placement, setting up newly purchased items

Payment of the consultation fee is due at time of the consultation. A design plan will be delivered within 2 weeks of our consultation (and will continue to be worked on throughout the project).  The project proposal will be provided at the time the design plan is delivered and discussed.  To move forward, a 50% retainer for my services will be collected with the balance due upon completion (we accept all major credit cards).  The consultation fee will be deducted from the final cost of the project.  It’s important to note that the cost of furnishings is separate from my service fee and is collected at the time any order is placed.