About Me:

My name is Sarah Canina.  I'm a mom of two sweet kids in elementary school [we got lucky with a boy and a girl so we stopped right there].  My youngest is my daughter and she is a designer in the making:)  My son says he doesn't "get" design just like I don't "get" video games.  Too shay.

I'm always trying to finish a cup of coffee.  I leave my chores 1/2 done because someone or something always needs my attention.  My phone is chronically dying because I work it to death and use it more than my computer.  I'm extremely organized and tidy by nature and have been known to clean even at midnight.  I am ALWAYS redecorating.  As a kid, I would constantly redecorate and rearrange my room for fun on the weekends.  This happened more than I would like admit:)  I loved creating a space that felt like home even back then.

My husband is a CFO at a local bank and I challenge him daily with my design goals for our 1965 home in Longmeadow, MA.  We met at Bryant College and have been married for 11 years.  We relocated to beautiful Longmeadow 5 1/2 years ago and I'm still finding the most gorgeous homes and details with every drive.  It's truly a gem of a town.

After 10 years working in fashion merchandising, 8 years working in real estate, managing our own new builds and a full house renovation, interior design was a logical and seamless transition.  I never thought of my self as a creative, but after all these years, I now realize that being creative is what drives me!  I feel so fortunate and proud to have started Paper White Homes 2 years ago.  Creating organized, beautiful and livable homes is my deep passion and I love helping others achieve their dream spaces.