When should I hire a designer?

Let me start with when NOT to hire me!

  1. If you are 99% done with designing your home, “you’ve got this”. You’ve probably have a favorite piece in mind and are pretty confident in your style. You might doubt yourself but you have already gotten this far!!! Look to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration or check out some great magazines.

  2. If you have difficulty making decisions, having a designer may or may not help you. If you can trust the process and my expertise in helping you define your style then this is the way to go. Otherwise, complete indecisiveness only leads to delays which can be frustrating and can make you feel as though your project will “never get done”. Give yourself some time to really hone in on what truly speaks to you and consider hiring at a later date to get the design perfect for your style.

On the flip side:

If you need help defining your style and then executing it, using what you have, purging or polishing your current look with several last suggestions, I’m the designer for you!

How much does a typical room cost?

Cohesive design is all about presenting a finished space. That includes purchasing key items to achieve this look. From furniture to lighting to artwork to window treatments, it all adds up quickly. A typical family room can cost $15,000. It seems like a huge amount of money, however in most cases, you have collected things over time that come pretty close to that amount, just not all at once.

What is a typical timeline?

Please check my Services section for details for each package I offer. These turn around times simply give you a target for getting final deliverable from me. From there, we work on revisions which add to the timeline.

For my Flexible/Full Service clients, plan to work with me for at least 3 months. Typically two things hold up completion: decision-making and furniture delivery. Once decisions are made, I can estimate the completion date based on deliveries.

How does E-Design Work?

  1. Meeting - we will set up a quick phone call to discuss your needs, style and budget and make sure that E-Design is the right package for you. If you would like to proceed, payment is due at the onset of starting the work.

  2. Preparation - you provide me with details in the design questionnaire, lots and lots of photos, detailed measurements and Pinterest boards or inspiration images.

  3. Work - I will send you a floor plan of your space and we will decide on the big budget items and placement.

  4. Final Deliverable - You will get your finished design plan and a complete shopping list via email so you can shop at your own pace, wait for sales, or buy it all at once! Either way, you can be confident that everything you are buying will work together to create a cohesive look.