Friday Favorites: My Favorite Pieces from the Opalhouse Collection by Target

If you have a boho side of you like I do, then this collection from Target will make you feel like you went to heaven!  With lots of rattan, tassels, pretty colors and fun applications, it is the perfect medicine to getting that spring/summer feeling I have been waiting for.  I was so excited to find removable wallpaper in the mix since wallpaper and I have a love-hate relationship.   This just might be my answer if I decide to take the plunge. 

I've rounded up my favorite pieces from the collection (which was VERY hard to edit down), but these are my all time favorites!  I highly suggest getting into Target to see the Opalhouse design shop for yourselves - it's such a fun space in the stores!  Happy spring everyone!

Friday Favorites: My Crushes Right Now [A gift guide for Valentine's Day]!

Valentine's Day is one of my very favorite holidays.  Maybe it's because I have always LOVED the color pink. I also LOVE chocolate [Justin's peanut butter cups!], flowers, and all things pretty!  And Valentine's Day just screams pretty to me.  Here is a roundup of some of my favorite gift ideas for Valentine's Day (or ANY day for that matter)!  I have included items for various budgets and although I love candy and chocolate, I prefer to get my kids a small gift instead of sugar since I tend to make desserts and treats that day!  The practical side of me also loves to purchase things my family needs:)  Happy shopping and place those online orders ASAP!

Gifts for the ladies


Gifts for the gents


Gifts for the kiddos