Friday Favorites: 10 Household Items Everyone Needs for under $25!

Today's post isn't particularly pretty by any means, but if you're a nerd like me that gets excited for gizmos and gadgets that make life easier or more organized, then this is the post for you!  I have been thrilled by some really cool products so of course I had to share:)

This herb keeper is just awesome.  I get so frustrated when I buy fresh herbs for a recipe and end up tossing the rest because they go bad so fast.  This fits neatly in the fridge and keeps them fresh longer!  Great for asparagus too!

I have spring/summer on the brain due to some warmer days we've had so I keep eyeing these s'mores roasting sticks wondering when we can break them out for good!  These come with a pouch and they telescope which is so cool especially when you have lots of bodies around a fire.  Yikes.

I love saving space in my cabinets and this snap on strainer is awesome!!!!  It fits pretty much any pot, is compact and goes right in the dishwasher after use.  

Everyone needs at least one good cookbook.  I NEED photographs of every recipe (I know you feel me on this one - what is this supposed to look like?) and lots of tips and instructions.  This cookbook focuses on a Paleo diet, but the meals are so straight forward and I really dig the theme around a year's worth of holidays - she has basically planned Easter brunch for us so check that off the list.  I have pretty much made everything in here and it's all so delicious!  Her blog is a great resource with lots of recipes there as well!

I get anxiety when I see all the gobs of charging cords and bricks taking over an outlet.  Creating a charging station with this USB outlet is the way to go.  My goal is to have one in every room.  We have an older home and I couldn't easily make this swap myself because our existing electrical boxes are too small to fit the receptacle, but I can't wait to use them in some areas we are renovating.  These can be installed anywhere, but in my case, I need the help of an electrician.  These are a game changer!  So much easier to organize the cord nightmare.

These drink buddies are always a huge hit at my house!  We get so many laughs out of these and clearly they are extremely functional!

I cheated a little on this next gadget.  Technically it's not under $25 but it's pretty darn close at $27.50.  This sports rack is a garage MUST!  While you're at it, grab 2!

I hate my refrigerator with a passion.  I struggle with the layout and cannot wait for the day when we can get a new roomier style.  But I have come to realize that no matter the size or style, these organizers do wonders for keeping things neat and tidy.  It makes it so much easier to store food pouches, yogurts or lose fruits.  I purchased mine at HomeGoods, but even better, let Amazon bring them to you! 

While we are on the subject of organization, I have been OBSESSED with these chalkboard labels from Michael's.  I also bought a chalk marker and have been going label crazy over here.  They seriously work for everything you can imagine.  I now have a stock of them available at all times which is a little worrisome for the family.

Organizing is the name of the game in my house right now and I just dedicated a drawer in the kitchen to my spices.  I was so frustrated by the spice storage up in the cabinet.  I could never find what I was looking for and was constantly over- buying spices I already had.  This expandable spice drawer insert has been AMAZING!  Almost makes me want to cook.  Almost.

OK so I couldn't stop at just 10.  Here is a bonus gadget!  This tool had to make the cut because it's a lifesaver.  I don't know about you, but I am constantly wondering at the last minute, "what's for dinner?"  My weekly practice is simply to keep various meats in the freezer to give me flexibility on what the heck to make everyday.  BUT the big issue is I am constantly forgetting to take the meat out to defrost in time for dinner!!!!  Like everyday:(

This defrosting tray is my new favorite!  It has a silicone border so that the gross meat water doesn't wind up on your counter.  That water just grosses me out so this is a huge win!

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