Friday Favorites: Area Rugs That Steal the Show (but not all your money)!

I have a love for area rugs lately.  An area rug truly anchors a room and it can add so much texture, dimension and color all in one carefully selected piece! I like to start my design projects with the area rug and choose the room's color direction from it.  It's much easier to find a paint color to coordinate with an area rug than the other way around sometimes.  Area rugs can be pricey and I teeter on making them investment pieces or going for lower priced so that they can be changed out when needed.  With 2 kids and a husband (that eats in the living room despite my numerous pleas!), our rugs tend to take a beating.  It really depends on what stage of life you are in and of course what your budget allows!  I have scoured all of my favorite online sources to bring you a list of my tried and true favorites!  Some are pricier than others, but they all offer incredible impact in your space, but not your wallet.